The thing that Stan And Son Painters pays the most attention to is preparations. Preparation is by far the hardest and the most important part of painting. No matter how many coats you use or no matter what paint you use, if the preparation is not done properly, the paint will fail in as little as a year.

Our preparation specifications surpass Australian standards. Failed paint is not just sanded smooth but it is stripped to the bare surface, primed, undercoated where required and covered with no less than 2 top coats.

Exterior surfaces are washed prior to painting. There is no point in painting over dirty surfaces, even though the paint hasn’t peeled, as the paint will adhere to the dirt and not the actual surface resulting in premature paint failure.

Majority of sanding is done by using the Festool Dust exctractor system (can we have a link on the “Festool dust extractor system” linking to festool or you tube or my video using this showing no dust?)meaning nearly 98% of dust is extracted directly into the machine and not in to your room.

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